Eat Local & Hi-five a Farmer!

 Who are our farmers?

Raven Ridge Farm

Walking Bear Ranch

Blackfish Farm

Creston Gardens

Homestake Honey

Farm To Market Meats

Montana Mountain Orchards 

Dixon Melons 

Eating locally grown produce allows you to know where your food comes from and how it was grown.  You interact directly with the farmer, which leads to building trust that your food is fresh, safe, and responsibly grown. 

Eating from a local farm is a journey through the seasons. Many people who love living in Montana are shocked when they realize just how much food can be grown in our cold climate. Eating what is "in season" is a great way to create diversity in your kitchen, enrich your diet with the freshest produce around, and support environmentally sustainable farm practices. 


Every dollar spent locally gets recirculated in the community 7 times.  When you buy food trucked in from out of state, most of that money flows out of state and stays there.  Therefore, buying local goods helps to strengthen our local economy.